An Evening With The Devil

Wendell Harrison

An Evening With The Devil

  • Label: Now Again
  • Catalogue number: NA5210LP
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Modern Jazz, Spiritual Jazz
  • Origin: United States



Side 1
1. "Mary Had An Abortion" (3:29)
2. "Where Am I" (6:06)
3. "Vol II Angry Young Man" (part 1) (6:07)

Side 2
1. "Vol II Angry Young Man" (part 2) (5:43)
2. "Consciousness" (3:35)
3. "Rebirth" (2:35)

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Wendell Harrison is an icon of Detroit's jazz heritage, not least as part of the Tribe collective. Following his collaborative album with Phil Ranelin in 1972, he stepped out as bandleader for the confrontational An Evening With The Devil, bringing a level of controversy and aggressive playing which undoubtedly ruffled feathers on its release. With Marcus Belgrave on flugelhorn, Ranelin on trombone, Charles Moore on trumpet, William Austin on bass and Ike Daney on drums, this important piece of Motor City jazz history gets a fresh lease of life via Now Again, sounding shocking and supernatural in equal measure, with moments of snatched beauty amidst the madness.

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