Groove Of ESSR: Funk Disco Jazz From Soviet Estonia

Various Artists

Groove Of ESSR: Funk Disco Jazz From Soviet Estonia

  • Label: Funk Embassy
  • Catalogue number: FER003
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Beats, Funky Jazz, Jazz Funk, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz
  • Origin: Europe



Side 1
1. Collage - "Mets Neidude Vahel" (3:35)
2. Marju Kuut - "Uksi Kuid Vabana" (3:13)
3. Tiiu Varik - "Naed Vaid Oma Silmi" (3:14)
4. Tonis Magi & Music Seif - "Sa Haara Kinni Mu Kaest" (3:30)
5. Els Himma - "Keskoo" (2:44)
6. Valter Ojakaar - "Rasked Veosed" (4:05)

Side 2
1. Uno Naissoo - "Marss Eksprompt" (2:49)
2. Gunnar Graps & Magnetic Band - "Leidmine" (3:17)
3. Eesti TV & Raadio Estraadiorkester - "Keskoosamba" (instrumental) (4:10)
4. Tarmo & Toomos Urb - "Valgud Peeglis" (feat Vanemode - short version) (4:59)
5. Eesti Raadio Estraadiorkester - "Malestuste Teel" (instrumental) (5:41)

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Several years deep into their quest to amplify their homeland's rich funk talent, Eastern European collective Estonian Funk Embassy level up with this exceptional compendium of tracks written and recording during Estonia's time under Soviet control. The first time most of these records have been released and distributed beyond domestic release, it's a total treasure trove of grooves ranging from upbeat, big band-led swing ("Keskoosamba"), thigh-slapping horn-heavy funk ("Rasked Veosed"), smokier, lounge-lapping jazzier influences ("Naed Vaid Oma Silmi"), sleazy disco funk ("Sa Haara Kinni Mu Kaest" and many shades in between. Capturing Estonia's musical legacy in all directions, this is a genuinely unique record.