Addis Abeba Bete

The Polyversal Souls

Addis Abeba Bete

  • Label: Philophon
  • Catalogue number: PH45019
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Afro, Afro Funk, Beats, Funk, Instrumental, World
  • Origin: Europe



  1. The Polyversal Souls & Alemayehu Eshete - Addis Abeba Bete
  2. The Polyversal Souls - Portrait Of Alemayehu (Night Time)

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This is part three and the last of the collaboration series between Ethopia's legendary soul singer Alemayehu Eshete and the Philophon house band The Polyversal Souls.

On the A-side you hear Alemayehu's classic song ‘Addis Abeba Bete’ in an intimate live performance. This recording happened during a cultural exchange programme organised by Galerie Listros, Berlin's finest gallery for Ethopian art, with support from the Bundeskulturstiftung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

The flip side is the complimentary portrait to the recently released Portrait of Alemayehu (Daytime). With ‘Portrait of Alemayehu (Night-time)’ you get an idea of the masters fiery stage persona as it is documented on the A-side. It's night-time now - booooooom!