Sweet Maya

Sweet Maya

Sweet Maya

  • Label: Luv N Haight
  • Catalogue number: LHLP081
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Folk Funk, Funk Rock, Jazz Funk, Rock, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz
  • Origin: United States



Side 1
1.    "Good Day" (2:28)
2.    "Louisiana Song" (3:29)
3.    "Gotta Find Out" (5:26)
4.    "Crazy Coldness" (4:34)
5.    "Surround Me" (3:11)
Side 2
1.    "The Earth Has Music" (3:55)
2.    "Papa Taco" (2:45)
3.    "Illusions" (5:01)
4.    "People Suite" (7:11)
5.    "Angisa Alusa" (live 1973) (4:19)

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Luv N'Haight is proud to re-issue Sweet Maya's self-titled album. A midwest jazz-funk classic with elements of folk, jazz, soul, funk and rock combining to create a heady blend reminiscent of '70s work by French band Cortex and songwriting maestro Terry Callier.

The music of Sweet Maya is an extension of each member. As individuals they bring together diverse backgrounds, as a group they blend it all into a sound that is exciting and full of warmth. The six-piece group of multi-talented instrumentalists has five lead singers, four songwriters and four arrangers. The music that grows from the contact of such persons is evidenced in this album. It is Sweet Maya (the Illusion) that flows through and shapes the many idioms of their music. It is Rob Hayes, Tom Davis, Janice Lakers, John Chamberlin, and Mark Bowen who convey the experience. (excerpt taken from original LP liner notes)