I Roam The Cosmos

Sun Ra

I Roam The Cosmos

  • Label: Art Yard
  • Catalogue number: ARTYARD2021LP
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Modal Jazz, Soul Jazz, Spiritual Jazz
  • Origin: United Kingdom
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Side 1
1.    "I Roam The Cosmos Astro Black/Discipline 27-II" (25:32)
Side 2
1.    "I Roam The Cosmos/Discipline 27-II" (25:52)

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Art Yard LP-2021, 180 gram Vinyl Only Limited Edition Release. Recorded at Slug's Saloon, New York, July 1972.

I Roam the Cosmos. I visit a Planet now and then My visits are so seldom that sometimes The people on the Planet forget who I am Whenever that happens, I have no choice But to make them remember.

And since so many men have roamed this Planet Saying so many things that never proved of worth To the Planet I will have to do what I don't want to do I will have to impress upon Every man, woman, and child upon this Planet Who I am So that they will NEVER forget who I am.

All the people are asleep There is no one to give me the glory I deserve See the splendours of my Universe I made it with my very own hands.

You think because my Universe is so big that you are of no importance to me? You thought I had forsaken you If I did, why am I here now?

The Sun is your very best friend Greets you every morning, "Hello, my friends" Bids you goodbye every night "Goodbye, my friends, see you in the morning."

The Sun is your very best servant Serving you day and night The Sun never sleeps The Sun never sleeps.

The Universe sent me to converse with you But how can I talk to every man, woman, and child At the same time?

I, because of the majesty upon Planet Earth, Must ask the volcanoes of Earth to speak of my glory I must ask the winds of Earth to speak of my glory I must ask the Earth itself to quake and tremble.

At my presence upon the Earth must ask the Earth to change its orbits And its journey among the Stars So that it can change the destiny of every person Upon this Planet.

I must nullify astrology I must nullify all prophecies I must create a different kind of World That is more suitable for me That I might visit this Planet, and feel at home.

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