A Lifetime In Oriental Jazz

Lloyd Miller

A Lifetime In Oriental Jazz

  • Label: Jazzman
  • Catalogue number: JMANCD028
  • Format: CD
  • Genres: Jazz, Modal Jazz, Spiritual Jazz, World
  • Origin: United Kingdom

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  1. Gol-E Gandom (Wheat Flowers)
  2. Gozel Guzler (Amber Eyes)
  3. Le Grand Bidou
  4. Bizz-Aire
  5. Gozel Guzler (version II)
  6. Gol-E Gandom (version II)
  7. Indo-European Improvisations
  8. Hue Wail
  9. Chant Inca
  10. Impressions Of Bhairava Raga
  11. Khamaj
  12. Gol-E Gandom (version III)
  13. Impressions Of Bhairavi Raga
  14. Shur Thing

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Jazzman presents the definitive anthology of pioneering ethno-musicologist, mystical adventurer and real life jazz guru Dr Lloyd Miller.

This album tells the fascinating life story of one man and his journey through Europe and the Middle East, living off nothing but his wits, talent and an open-minded attitude towards music and jazz.

Master of dozens of languages and hundreds of instruments, Miller has spent fifty years immersed in the music of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Featuring recordings taken from incredibly rare privately pressed albums, live sessions in Europe, and previously unreleased material, A Lifetime in Oriental Jazz tells the story of his extraordinary personal journey from the West Coast to the Far East.

Played on a plethora of exotic instruments from around the world, Miller's music is a unique blend of jazz with the modal and spiritual sounds of traditional Asian and Middle Eastern music. Spiritual jazz, Eastern jazz - direct from the source!

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