Leslie Podkin

You Won't Need No Money

  • Label: Popcorn
  • Catalogue number: POPC143
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Mod, Popcorn, Vocal Jazz
  • Origin: United Kingdom

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Leslie Podkin 'You Won't Need No Money' b/w Lilyann Carol 'Ooo-Poppa-Doo'

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Leslie Podkin's fantastic 'You Won't Need No Money' is a real oddball tune which shows the extent to which the original popcorn DJs dug deep to find records from every angle. Defying strict genre conventions, this is neither R&B, Jazz, Pop, or Latin, but instead has a strong flavour of all of them. Best just to call it popcorn then, and really superior popcorn it is. On the other side, as ever, another winner for your money, a female vocal led, mid-50s big band R&B showstopper in the form of 'Ooo-Poppa-Doo' by Lilyann Carol.