Colombia 26a


Colombia 26a

  • Label: Tiff's Joints
  • Catalogue number: TJ005
  • Format: 12 inch
  • Genres: Beats, Beats Dancefloor, Broken Beat, Disco-House, Future Beats
  • Origin: United Kingdom



  1. Colombia 26a
  2. The Trickster
  3. Espiritu

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For their fifth release Tiff's Joints enlist the powers of the enigmatic and wondrously versatile Laroye. The three tracks that make up the release offer a dangerously rhythmic journey into spiritual dance music, placing equal importance on supplying premium fodder for dancers as on communicating a playful and otherworldly musical message, and have already received the seal of approval from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Alexander Nut, Nabihah Iqbal, Pablo Valentino and Volcov.

The A1, 'Colombia 26a', sets pace for the release, featuring heavy Afro-Latin percussion, a thick bassline and the type of dexterous musicality the label is steadily becoming known for. 'The Trickster' takes one step closer to the centre of the dancefloor, built around an infectiously squelchy keys part and bolstered by a bassline that could set off car alarms, the track climaxes in a soaring lead melody, exploding into a ridiculous synth solo before reining it all in and managing to save some energy for a gallop to the finish line. 'Espiritú' is where Laroye allows himself to fully stretch out into the realm of interstellar frequencies. Kicking off with a relentlessly driving and hypnotic polyrhythm, Laroye embarks on a journey of inner exploration and reflection, using only the planets and constellations to help him navigate. Complete with an uplifting choral arrangement, seriously trippy lapsteel guitar (?!) and a mysterious guiding voice - this is one for the spacers!

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