Lickin' Lips


Lickin' Lips

  • Label: Perfect Toy
  • Catalogue number: PT5501
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Funk, Funk Rock, Soul Funk
  • Origin: Europe
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Lickin' Lips b/w Raindogs

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Perfect Toy proudly welcomes new signing to its family: KORPIFUNK!

Originating from southern Finland, KORPIFUNK is made of a bunch of musician friends who have fun making music. Whenever they spend time together to work on new tunes their approach is simple: to create organic music with a contemporary feel, using live instruments mixed with programmed sounds.

On their debut EP you are going to discover the outcome of a fruitful collaboration of a handful of creative minds. Toni Lamberg acts as the producer but he also plays guitar, bass and synthesizer. On vocals and harmonica we have Toni Koskipuro, on trumpet Jarko Manninen and on keyboards Viljami Viippola. Tommi Veneskari on saxophone completes the line up. None of them is a beginner in the music field as each and everyone has worked in different bands and production teams since the mid 1990s.

This EP started off from jam sessions over some looped drums with bass and saxophone. After the basic tracks were laid down vocal melodies, guitar lines and other ingredients were added to sweeten the arrangement. The whole process of doing these tracks were pretty one shot ideas. "We just tried to go on with the songs own feel and mood and tried to keep it rough and original", says Toni Lamberg. The creation of these tracks happened straight forward and basic ideas came up quickly by playing along. He adds: "That's basically our main idea of making music. We jam, pick up ideas from each other and develop them further until all people involved are happy with the result." And the result is indeed impressive.

2017 is going to be an exciting year, not only for KORPIFUNK but for us at Perfect Toy too. We are extremely happy to have crossed paths with Toni and his fellas. This 7" is just the start of something exceptional, so stay tuned as there is more to come in the near future!