Pretty Lady

George Semper

Pretty Lady

  • Label: Dynamite Cuts
  • Catalogue number: DYNAM7010
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Boogie, Downtempo, Instrumental, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Soul Jazz
  • Origin: United Kingdom



Side 1
"Pretty Lady" (2:40)
Side 2
"Universe (Extraterrestrial Search Contact Tones)" (2:29)

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George Semper's 1984 album Themes For Television, Sports and Aerobics is one of the most brilliantly bonkers you're ever likely to hear. It featured the veteran jazz-man reach for the most intergalactic-sounding electronic instruments he could find and lay down a series of short, library music style missives that still sound like the product of some kind of demented acid trip. The people behind Dynamite Cuts are obviously fans, because they've decided to stick a small selection of cuts from the hard-to-find album on this tidy 7" single. On the A you'll find the deep space, jazz-fired electro-lounge madness of "Pretty Lady", while the flip boasts two shorter cuts: jazzy synth-scape "Universe" and spacey ambient doodle "Extraterrestrial Search Contact Tones".

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