Knowbody's Gonna Love You (Like The Way I Do)

George & Joanne

Knowbody's Gonna Love You (Like The Way I Do)

  • Label: Dynamite Cuts
  • Catalogue number: DYNAM7056
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Northern Soul, Soul, Sweet Soul
  • Origin: United States



A - George Semper - "Knowbody's Gonna Love You (Like The Way I Do)" (demo version)

B - Joanne Vent - "Knowbody's Gonna Love You (Like The Way I Do)" (unreleased Acetate version)

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Dynamite cuts release a first-time masterpiece from the George Semper Music Archives. “Knowbody’s Gonna Love You” is a masterpiece vocal demo written by George Semper almost 50 years ago. Lost and almost forgotten, lying dormant on a master tape recorded sometime in the late 1960s. Such a wonderful and fresh song, perfect swing and groove!

Finding this demo completed the puzzle with an unknown one-off press acetate record that was within Georges collection, now we know he had wrote it. The acetate was titled “Knowbody’s Gonna Love You” and credited to "Joanne". With a little more investigation Joanne became the lesser known soul singer Joanne Vent. She recorded one LP on A&M back in the late '60s, which just happened to be the same time George worked for the label! Go figure :)

One off press limited edition x400 copies with heavy card sleeve. Tip!

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