Dominoes (Talkin' All That)

Fat Wax 45 & Wild About Nothin'

Dominoes (Talkin' All That)

  • Label: Waxnerds
  • Catalogue number: WAXNERDS05
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Bboy Breaks, Beats, Beats Dancefloor, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Mash-Ups, Re-edits and Reworks, Soul Funk
  • Origin: United Kingdom

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Side 1
1. "Dominoes (Talkin' All That)" (4:33)
Side 2
1. "Breakin' Jazz Dominoes (Beats & Pieces)" (2:46)
2. "Track 3" (1:16)

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And on the cool check in we have something brand new from the Waxnerds crew to get wild about! Fatwax45 & Wildaboutnothin' cleverly reconstruct  Stetsasonic's Dominoes flip of Talkin' All That Jazz, embellishing the mix with some soundbites from the Beastie Boys, Donald Byrd and others discussing sampling culture. On the flip, Breakin' Jazz Dominoes is essential ammo for the portablist with some related phrases ready to be cut up to within an inch of its life. Ask your Mammy-O or Daddy-O for your pocket money early and scoop this up before they're all gone. You'll be hearing this on the radio soon!

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