Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orquesta


  • Label: Electric Cowbell Records
  • Catalogue number: EC031
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Latin, Latin Jazz, Soul Jazz, Tropical, World
  • Origin: United States



Side 1
1.    "Cafeteando!" (2:27)
Side 2
1.    "Camino Infernal/Phantom Weight" (3:53)

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Clear some room for Dos Santos Anti-Beat Orchestra from Chicago. Definitively Latin-tinged, it's hard to pin an exact genre or sub-genre on the group. For their forthcoming 45RPM 7" on Electric Cowbell, we picked 3 songs off of their recent EP "Fonografic" that highlight their instrumental muscle and delivers groovy Chicano-noir atmospherics simmering atop a boiling pot of cowbells, congas, and timbales. The band's signature formula of guitar-heavy, percussion-driven sounds moves further into the fierce sonic terrain of traditional Latin rhythms and hard-hitting funk and soul. Side A's "Cafeteando" is a dubbed out descarga that nods to an imagined meeting in the lab between a young Willie Colon and Mad Professor. "Camino Infernal/Phantom Weight" on the B-side percolate as a B-movie action sequence of a nail-biting chase scene. The sound is at once an urgent, uptempo psychedelic cumbia complete with twangy, reverb-drenched guitar then halfway through resolves itself into a commanding strut of Latin funk badassery that vacillates between time signatures yet never steps out the deep groove trench that these lads dig. These are heavy-weight vintage salsa, and organic cumbia vibes that will surprise you at every turn. Essential hot sauce for your record tote!

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