Box Cutter Mini

Dj Woody

Box Cutter Mini

  • Label: Woodwurk
  • Catalogue number: WWBC7001
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Bboy Breaks, Hip Hop, Scratch Tools
  • Origin: United Kingdom


  1. Fresh Peeow
  2. Fiyaa! Breath FX
  3. Aaah Rock It Like Dis
  4. Box Bass 1 Yeeaah
  5. Drum phrase 1
  6. Drum phrase 2
  7. Drum phrase 3
  8. Fresh Breath FX
  9. Long Sweep
  10. 1 2 3 Transformer FX
  11. Box Bass 2 FX
  12. Drum phrase 4
  13. Drum phrase 5
  14. Drum phrase 6

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DJ Woody teams up with the incredible champion beatboxer Ball-Zee to create the
‘Box Cutter Mini’ 7”. Made up of 100% original new sounds, this record contains skip-proof vocal phrases, noises, sound effects and beatbox drums perfect for scratching or beat-juggling.

Side A is programmed at 133.33 bpm and contains 7 skip-proof loops, 4 phrases containing vocals and effects and 3 drumming phrases.

Side B is programmed at 100 bpm and follows the same format but with 7 different phrases.

Each side ends with a lock groove. Two copies are a must for the 7” jugglers!

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