Disco Power EP

Disco Beatdown Allstars

Disco Power EP

  • Label: Disco
  • Catalogue number: DBS1002
  • Format: 12 inch
  • Genres: Beats Dancefloor, Boogie, Disco, Modern Soul, Soul, Soul Funk
  • Origin: United Kingdom

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Side 1
1.    "Disco Power"
2.    "I Wanna Thank You"
Side 2
1.    "Let's Do It Again"
2.    "Tighten It Up"

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Aimed straight at the late-night dancefloors, Disco Bits continues its policy of tweaking dancefloor classics for maximum Disco Power! Essential 12 with 4 bangin' funky disco tracks that can't fail to move the floor - every one a winner!

On the A-side:

A1 – "Disco Power" – first up is a relatively unknown Afro Disco number by Bomp. Here it’s beefed up and re-arranged with extra drums, extra breaks, proper bass and proper Disco Power!

A2 – "I Wanna Thank You" – The Alicia Myers original has always needed a re-arrangement. The Disco Bits boys take a small scalpel and re-imagine this with a proper verse and chorus taking the classic break and turning this track from an uncut diamond into a finely cut gem

On the flipside we have:

B1 – "Let’s Do It Again" – a classy edit of Nightlife Unlimited’s classic builds a deep groove from the bassline up, adding layers of keys and vocals and climaxing with the original’s hooky chorus.

B2 – "Tighten It Up" – The BLT original gets a similarly bass-centric treatment, the evolving groove underpinning the refrain of "drinkin’ wine and wastin’ time" as the track builds to reveal it’s familiar verse and chorus towards the end

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