Liberated Thoughts

Dem Juju Poets

Liberated Thoughts

  • Label: Matasuna
  • Catalogue number: MSRLP001
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Beats, Beats Dancefloor, Funk, Funky Jazz, Jazz Funk, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz
  • Origin: United Kingdom



Side 1
1.    "At The Jubilee Gardens" (3:37)
2.    "Stonetown Shakedown" (4:12)
3.    "Bagamoyo" (4:30)
4.    "Juju Chant #1" (0:51)
5.    "Liberated Thoughts" (4:14)
6.    "Mala Mali" (4:47)
Side 2
1.    "People's Republic" (3:54)
2.    "Fubica" (4:21)
3.    "Juju Chant #2" (1:02)
4.    "Barabara" (4:28)
5.    "Poacher's Lookout" (4:01)
6.    "Flowers For Lions" (4:10)

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What initially started as idea for a DJ-duo project quickly turned into a new production outlet for German producer David Hanke. He is well known for his Northern Jazz, Funk and Afrofunk productions under various monikers ever since his first release back in 2008 of which the most recognized surely is his Renegades Of Jazz-alias.

After starting to fully embrace the Afrofunk vibe with his 2016-released Renegades Of Jazz album 'Moyo Wangu' as well as two Dem Juju Poets singles in the same year it's now about time to release 'Liberated Thoughts' - the longplay debut for Dem Juju Poets which is scheduled for April 2017.

Having spent an influential part of his childhood in Arusha, Tanzania and engrained the music of East Africa, his sound combines these influences with modern, more club-orientated electronic Afrofunk productions which defines the core sound of Dem Juju Poets.

With 'Liberated Thoughts' Hanke refines his Afrofunk vision for 2017 informed by his experience as a DJ in venues all over Europe which naturally led to a more floor functional production approach.

The opening title 'At The Jubilee Gardens' serves a sweet equatorial coast sound combined with heavy drums and a seductive bassline followed by 'Stonetown Shakedown' with a positive and energetic theme, chants and a busy brass section to set the dancefloor in motion.

'Bagamoyo' has a distinctive sound with it's electronics and a laid back character followed by 'Juju Chant #1' which samples 'Mantis Revolver' by Seattle based trio 'Afrocop' whilst the title track 'Liberated Thoughts' with it's raw but floor friendly combination of drums and vocals leads back to the center of the dancefloor.

The title 'Mala Mali' describes the curse of money, whether you have much of it or even nothing. Fusing a cinematic, widescreen trumpet arrangement with vintage synths and rolling drums - a digression into slightly more psychedelic Afrofunk territories. Furthermore, 'People's Republic' is built on a more Soul based idea with Jazz flutes and a vibrant horn section.

'Fubica', a peculiar theme for bumpy streets, provides broken beats, a mellow Jazz guitar and leaping sax followed by the second interlude 'Juju Chant #2'. The following 'Barabara' was released as a prequel single to 'Liberated Thoughts' and perfectly complements the albums flow..

With 'Poacher's Lookout' the psychedelic touch is revisited again, this time creating a tense overall atmosphere, with additional hypnotic scats and some darker electronics. The album closes with the Dub-inspired slow groove of 'Flowers For Lions', a beautiful ending for 'Liberated Thoughts'.

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