Deep Funk Rarities - Label Stickers Pack 1

Deep Funk Rarities - Label Stickers Pack 1

  • Catalogue number: FunkStickerPack1
  • Format: Sticker
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Quantity: 10

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Exclusive - not available anywhere else!!!

Authentic and faithful repro 92mm diameter circular stickers carefully selected to represent the very rarest and very best deep funk 45s - and with die cut 38mm diameter round centre holes!

These will look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - stick 'em anywhere you like! Will look great on your DJ box, record shelves, record box, wall, bag, holdall, computer, bar, desk, motorbike, caravan, door, files and notebooks, luggage, speedboat, locker, aeroplane, picnic hamper, buggy, campervan, trailer, spaceship etc

All stickers have been faithfully reproduced from the original labels. Each design shows some slight distress which is inherent in the label and which we believe adds to the authenticity of the image. Please note the stickers are made of paper stock, and are not waterproof!

In Deep Funk Sticker Pack 1 you will receive one of each of the following label stickers:

The Third Guitar - Baby Don't Cry

Detroit Sex Machines - The Funky Crawl

Eddie Bo - Hook and Sling Pt 1

The TMG's - The Hatch

The Soul Generals - Grandma's Funky Popcorn

Soul Swingers - Ca' - Ba' - Dab'

James Brown - Funky Drummer Pt 1

Black Blood and the Chocolate Pickles - Mississippi Mud

The Soul Controllers - Right On, Brother - Right On

Explosions - Hip Drop

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