Dakhla Brass


  • Label: Impossible Ark Records
  • Catalogue number: IALP023
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Nu Jazz
  • Origin: United Kingdom



  1. One Wicker Wisp

  2. Lotus

  3. 5000 What?

  4. Murmuration

  5. Silver & Gold

  6. Insomnia Somnia]

  7. The Last Host

  8. Zenith & Nadir

  9. Heartache & Loneliness

  10. Quicksand

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Bristol-based Dakhla Brass are delighted to announce the release of their fourth album, the first in their newly expanded drum&brass&bass six-piece line-up (thanks to the addition of Nostalgia 77's Riaan Vosloo on double-bass). Recorded at London's Fish Factory Studios, and produced by Nostalgia 77's Ben Lamdin, Murmur is an album that builds on the band's signature sound (a lattice of intricate brass lines over simmering drums) to explore new-found flurries of improvisation amidst beautifully-crafted through-arrangements. From the poignant New Orleans funeral march of The Last Host, to the crashing anthemic riffs of 5000 What?, via the playful schizophrenia of Insomnia Somnia and the minimalist groove crescendo of One Wicker Wisp's final section, this is music of power, craft, tenderness and wit, delivered with energy and poise by an indisputably unique musical collective.

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