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Weston Prim & Backlash

  • Label: Funk 45
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Genres: Funk, Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Soul Funk
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Catalogue number: FUNK45026

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In north Florida in the early '70s, two of the most enduring show bands were Weston Prim and Blacklash and Lavell Kamma's mighty 100 Hour Counts outfit. Constantly on the road, the groups often found themselves in the same small, dusky nightclubs that dotted the entire Southeast landscape. The Gainesville-based Blacklash had an imposing, three-hundred pound vocalist named Weston Prim fronting their talented, multi-racial crew, making them instantly recognizable from the bandstand. The Alabama-born Prim had earlier recorded a song in 1968 entitled "Got That Feelin" for the small Brent imprint, but it was with Blacklash that he would find his greatest success. Touring in their relatively plush Memphis Express tour bus, the band often ran into trouble with conservative lawmen while making the Chitlin Circuit rounds. It was around these racially-intolerant times that white saxophonist and manager Charles Steadham donned an afro wig and adopted the name Charlie Blade (for reasons left best to the imagination) to prevent further harassment from white police befuddled at a mixed soul band on the make. When the band felt the urge to record some tunes to further promote their trade, they traveled up to Albany, Georgia to Jesse Boone's ubiquitous Gwen Record Company and laid down what would emerge as the first of two records on their own Memphis Express label. Sold from the bandstand, the 45 surely made some concertgoers happy, but the release made little impact beyond the well-worn touring path of the seasoned ensemble.

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