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  1. I Got So Much Trouble In My Mind

    I Got So Much Trouble In My Mind

    Sir Joe Quarterman and The Free Soul

    Genres: Funk, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    Top rare funk LP out of DC with the classic title track, always a dancefloor fave!

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    • £10.99
  2. Smokey Joe's La La

    Smokey Joe's La La

    Googie Rene

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Mod, Popcorn, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Classic soul jazz club instro! Nice WLP, very clean!

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    • £25.00
  3. Why Don't You Do Right

    Why Don't You Do Right

    Joanie Summers

    Genres: Popcorn, Tittyshakers, Vocal JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Great popcorn version, getting plays!

    • £30.00
  4. Jody's Freeze / Let's Go (It's Summertime)

    Jody's Freeze / Let's Go (It's Summertime)

    James Reese and The Progressions

    Genres: Funk, Jazz Funk, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch


    • £4.99
  5. I Don't Wanta

    I Don't Wanta

    June Bateman

    Genres: Blues, Contemporary R&B, Jukebox RnB, Mod, Popcorn, Soul, Soul Funk, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Fab organ-based new breed RnB with super femme vox!

    • £35.00
  6. Roots


    Curtis Mayfield

    Genres: Funk, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    Classic Curtis from 1971, his second solo LP. Includes "Keep On Keeping On" and "Beautiful Brother Of Mine" lovely through and through.

    • £19.99
  7. Spunky Onions

    Spunky Onions

    Billy Davis & the Legends

    Genres: Instrumental, Mod, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Oh yes Billy likes his onions alright, perhaps a bit too much!

    • £30.00
  8. Asafo Beesuon Medley

    Asafo Beesuon Medley

    C.K Mann & His Carousel 7

    Genres: Afro, Beats Dancefloor, Funk, Re-edits and Reworks, WorldFormat: 7 inch

    Limited 1000 run 7" and part of our Classic African Recordings series. When they are gone they are gone! The Gruff & Grey Edit slims the 14 minute Asafo Beesuon...

    • £7.49
  9. Kookie's Mad Pad

    Kookie's Mad Pad

    Edd Byrnes

    Genres: Exotica, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Cool beatnik vibe!

    • £10.00
  10. Enchanted Farm

    Enchanted Farm

    Forbidden Five

    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Charming and delightful - yet sinister and strange! Love it!

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    • £30.00
  11. A - OK

    A - OK

    Rocking Capris

    Genres: Blues, Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, Popcorn, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Bluesy instros Hammond double sider!

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    • £12.00
  12. Don't Do What I Do

    Don't Do What I Do

    Vernon Garrett

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, FunkFormat: 7 inch

    Don't do what i do, do what i say. Buy this record.

    • £5.99
  13. Telegraph


    Tiny Dee and the Dots

    Genres: Instrumental, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Like wow! Crazy stuff!

    • £15.00
  14. Here Come Da Judge

    Here Come Da Judge


    Genres: Funk, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    A rare set of funky soul & r&b instrumentals from the mighty Majestics -- perhaps Canada's funkiest combo of the era! On this set the crew rolls between bli...

    • £11.99
  15. Gaucho Guitar

    Gaucho Guitar

    Glenn Darrell

    Genres: Exotica, Popcorn, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Fun exotic dancing guitar outing!

    • £15.00
  16. Skullsnaps


    Skull Snaps

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, Beats, Funk, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    Rare funk n soul LP with the all-time breakbeat classic 'It's a New Day'!

    • £17.49
  17. The Grunt

    The Grunt

    Fifty Milers

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Super sleazy honkin' growler! RARE

    • £40.00
  18. Funky Screw

    Funky Screw

    Lee Fields

    Genres: Funk, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    Lee Fields has amassed a prolific catalog of albums and has toured and played with such legends as Kool & the Gang, Sammy Gordon & The Hip-Huggers, and Litt...

    • £7.49
  19. Drum Talk

    Drum Talk

    Al Rose Trio

    Genres: Beats, Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Greasy drums and SUSPENSE!

    • £20.00
  20. Rock 'n' Roll Cha Cha

    Rock 'n' Roll Cha Cha

    Billy Reid Baker

    Genres: Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, Popcorn, Rock n Roll, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Wacky take on the mambo rock 'n roll thing. Obscure as they get. Flipside unknown due to missing label.

    • £15.00
  21. Coffy


    Roy Ayers

    Genres: Funk, Jazz Funk, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz, SoundtrackFormat: LP

    This is one of the greatest soul soundtracks ever! In a market that was dominated by the big-selling Shaft and Superfly albums, Roy slipped in this masterful blend ...

    • £17.49
  22. Hava Nagila

    Hava Nagila

    Ginny and the Gallions

    Genres: Exotica, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Stripper music for your Bar mitzvah!

    • £15.00
  23. Farther than Imagination

    Farther than Imagination


    Genres: Boogie, Disco, Funk, Soul FunkFormat: LP


    Freedom's debut album contains hot dance tracks and smoldering ballads.

    • £10.99
  24. Turn On Song

    Turn On Song


    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Hot 'Chittlin's style sax blower!

    • £20.00
  25. Ou Tu M'Emmenes

    Ou Tu M'Emmenes

    The Mighty Mocambos

    Genres: FunkFormat: 7 inch

    This is the fifth release in the Legere Recordings 7" series, this time featuring  The Mighty Mocambos, along with French soul vocalist Caroline. "Ou Tu M'Emme...

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    • £5.99
  26. Ambush


    Billy Mure

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Sounds like Duane Eddy's been moonlighting. Don't you just love the sinister sound of TWANGY GUITAR?!

    • £20.00
  27. Cat Whip

    Cat Whip

    Kerbside Collection

    Genres: Funk, ReggaeFormat: 7 inch

    A great 45 including two songs off the debut album “Mind The Curb” from hot Brisbane/Australia jazz and funk outfit Kerbside Collection. You can fi...

    • £6.49
  28. Warpaint / Oriental Nightmare

    Warpaint / Oriental Nightmare

    Rodney & The Blazers

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Two savage Rock & Roll instrumentals from the Coffeyville, Kansas based combo, Rodney & The Blazers.

    • £5.99
  29. The Greasy Spoon

    The Greasy Spoon

    Hank Marr

    Genres: Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, Mod, Soul Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Honkin' RnB souljazz sax wailer!

    • £15.00
  30. Cosmic Vortex

    Cosmic Vortex

    Weldon Irvine

    Genres: Funk, Funky Jazz, Jazz Funk, Soul Funk, Soul JazzFormat: LP

    More super funky jazz fusion from THE MAN with 'Walk That Walk'

    • £14.99
  31. Shimmy Shimmy Walk

    Shimmy Shimmy Walk


    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Crackin' piece of downhome blues spiced up with enough grits n hotsauce to make for a rollockin' rockin' stomper! Great strollin' instro on original 1st local label...

    • £20.00
  32. Droppin



    Genres: Beats, Funk, Instrumental, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    Between the psyched out guitar intro, followed by a drum break rawer than raw steak leading into lethal drumming throughout, you will be in deep funk ecstacy within...

    • £5.99
  33. Too Much Tequila

    Too Much Tequila


    Genres: Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Pour me a large one!

    • £10.00
  34. Monkey


    JC Davis

    Genres: Funk, Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Wow! Big Tune! Massive funky dancefloor rocker with jungle sounds galore!

    • £20.00
  35. Scratch



    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch


    • £15.00
  36. Beale Street Popeye

    Beale Street Popeye

    Earl Forest

    Genres: Funk, Instrumental, Soul Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Cool organ & sax RnB jazz instro with a twist of kitsch

    • £15.00