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  1. Jimbo's


    Roscoe Weathers Qunintet

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Modal Jazz, Northern Soul, SoulFormat: 7 inch

    LA-based flautist Roscoe Weathers made a ton of small label jazz 45s, pressed in small quantities, during the 1950s & 60s. He also made an LP later on, also pre...

    • £25.00
  2. Shady Blues

    Shady Blues

    Lee Mason / Jean Claude Petit

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, Beats, Beats Downtempo, Funk, Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Library, Soul Funk, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Lee Mason’s infamous, elusive and decidedly sleazy ‘Shady Blues’ has finally been brought to justice. A track that’s downright dangerous; th...

    • £6.99
  3. Yabba


    Hully Gully Boys

    Genres: Instrumental, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Insane Fools Paradise fave as spun by REX!

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    • £20.00
  4. Hey!


    Gabriel and the Angels

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Goofy Mid-East 'shaker that sets dancefloors alight! Hey!

    • £25.00
  5. Wobble Wickie/ Weird

    Wobble Wickie/ Weird

    Rhythm Tones / Bob Vidone

    Genres: Rockabilly, Tittyshakers, WeirdFormat: 7 inch

    "Weird" is one word, "totally deranged" are another couple I can think of to describe this oddball double-sider
    • £6.00
  6. The Fly Swatter

    The Fly Swatter

    DDT & the Repellants

    Genres: Instrumental, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Bugged out rock n roll! It's madness I tell you! Love it!

    • £20.00
  7. Loco



    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Demented TT shakin' sax honker!

    • £20.00
  8. Monkey Hips n Rice

    Monkey Hips n Rice

    Hank Jacobs

    Genres: Funk, Instrumental, Jazz, Mod, Soul Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Very groovy '60s Hammond workout on this one. Nice double-sider too!

    • £15.00
  9. Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet Potatoes

    Jimmy Dell

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Classic Las Vegas Grind shaker! Bargain price due to condition!

    • £20.00
  10. Dancefloor Fight / Detective Pandit Rey / Afro on the Rocks

    Dancefloor Fight / Detective Pandit Rey / Afro on the Rocks


    Genres: Beats Dancefloor, Exotica, Instrumental, Jazz, Oddities, Psychedelia, Soul Funk, WeirdFormat: 12 inch

    A debut release from a new French talent with an ear for Indian soundtracks and funky grooves. But there’s no wishy washy Bollywood nonsense here, this is the...

    • £6.00
  11. Hole in the Wall

    Hole in the Wall

    Amos Como

    Genres: Contemporary R&B, Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, RockabillyFormat: 7 inch

    Red-blooded rockabilly from Amos Como And His Tune Toppers.
    • £6.99
  12. Jam Up Twist

    Jam Up Twist

    Tommy Ridgley

    Genres: Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Totally mental rock n roll dance party frenzy here! All you jocks save this for the top of the night, watch the place go wild!

    • £20.00
  13. Greazee Pts 1 & 2

    Greazee Pts 1 & 2

    Billy Preston

    Genres: Funk, Instrumental, Mod, Rock n Roll, Soul Funk, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Wild '60s organ funk instro!

    • £15.00
  14. Moohah the DJ

    Moohah the DJ

    Joe Dukes

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Mod, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Superb offering from drummer Joe Dukes, with Brother Jack McDuff at the organ. A quirky, catchy little number that's highly likeable. Fab drum solo with 'No program...

    • £25.00
  15. Octavepuss


    Jack E Lee

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Wild piano tinklin' mayhem!

    • £15.00
  16. Oasis



    Genres: Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, Mod, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Cool and saxy instro rocker with an Eastern tinge that's adored by go-go dancers & belly dancers alike. Luuurvley rasping saxophone that's oh so dirty! GREAT to...

    • £15.00
  17. Camel Walk

    Camel Walk


    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Some sleazy, dirty fun with this instrumental from 1959. The wailing sax particularly stands out here but the whole thing comes together to produce a sound that exu...

    • £30.00
  18. Hucklebuck Twist

    Hucklebuck Twist

    Tommy & the Twisters

    Genres: Jump Blues, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Hey everybody, let's TWIST!

    • £20.00
  19. Riff Runner

    Riff Runner

    Sonny Warner

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Slick, saxy & sleazy finger poppin' swinger!

    • £15.00
  20. My World

    My World

    Lee Fields

    Genres: Funk, Instrumental, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    Lee Fields is a bona-fide, 100%, unadulterated, pure, gut-bucket soul singer. His "legendary" status owes to his undeniably solid series of rare 7" singles (and one...

    • £16.99
  21. The Mash

    The Mash

    Tony Young

    Genres: Contemporary R&B, Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Let's all do the MASH!!!

    • £20.00
  22. Caravan


    George Jenkins

    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Swinging sax version! Great!

    • £15.00
  23. Soul Sister

    Soul Sister

    Harold Corbin

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Tasteful soul jazz piano bomb. Obscure!

    • £20.00
  24. Honey in the Bee-Bo

    Honey in the Bee-Bo

    One-Derful Band

    Genres: Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Jazzy RnB instro that really swings!

    • £12.00
  25. My Colour is Blue

    My Colour is Blue

    Nicky James / Tommy Scott & the Senators

    Genres: RockabillyFormat: 7 inch

    Rare UK rocker showing the cross over in British music that was taking place at that time in 1963. Elvis sounding British beat!
    • £6.00
  26. Tuck in with The Natural Yogurt Band

    Tuck in with The Natural Yogurt Band

    Natural Yogurt Band

    Genres: Beats Downtempo, Downtempo, Instrumental, Jazz Funk, Psychedelia, WeirdFormat: CD

    More quirky instrumental irreverence from The Natural Yogurt Band!
    • £5.99
  27. Stuffed Peppers

    Stuffed Peppers

    Frank Armstrong

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Super nice super sleazy funk/jazz instro!

    • £25.00
  28. Red Pepper

    Red Pepper

    Roosevelt Fountain and Pens of Rhythm

    Genres: Contemporary R&B, InstrumentalFormat: 7 inch

    Cool n groovy sax/organ jam!

    • £15.00
  29. I'm In Love pts.1 & 2 (Instrumental)

    I'm In Love pts.1 & 2 (Instrumental)

    Rickey Calloway

    Genres: Funk, InstrumentalFormat: 7 inch

    Limited press 7 inch pressure from the mighty Funk Night Records label featuring instrumental versions of "I'm in Love Parts 1 & 2' by Rickey Calloway and The D...

    • £7.49
  30. The Greasy Spoon

    The Greasy Spoon

    Hank Marr

    Genres: Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, Mod, Soul Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Honkin' RnB souljazz sax wailer!

    • £15.00
  31. Desert Land

    Desert Land

    Checker Board Squares

    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Fantastic Mid-East exotica!

    • £20.00
  32. Jungle Hop

    Jungle Hop

    Kip Tyler

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, RockabillyFormat: 7 inch

    The sound of jungle gobbledygook and what could be a lion's roar sets ups a whip-sharp guitar riff
    • £6.99
  33. Making Love After Hours

    Making Love After Hours

    Roland Kirk

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, ModFormat: 7 inch

    One of the best soul jazz flute pieces you'll ever hear!

    • £15.00
  34. Fried Onions

    Fried Onions

    Lord Rockingham XI

    Genres: Instrumental, Mod, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Way back in '58 Jack Good recorded this monster with his Lord Rockingham XI. I have no idea why someone says 'Fried Onions' in the middle, they might have said 'Suf...

    • £15.00
  35. Tea-Pee


    Pal & the Prophets

    Genres: Funk, Instrumental, Mod, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Early proto funk instro groover

    • £30.00
  36. You Got A Tiger

    You Got A Tiger

    Brothers Nylon

    Genres: Funk, InstrumentalFormat: 7 inch

    The Brothers Nylon is a transatlantic allstar project set out to make musical adventures. Mike and Nick Rufolo (from NY) collaborate with legendary producer Shawn L...

    • £7.49