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  1. Smokey Joe's La La

    Smokey Joe's La La

    Googie Rene

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Mod, Popcorn, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Classic soul jazz club instro! Nice WLP, very clean!

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    • £25.00
  2. Pigtails


    Don Schraier

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Uptempo instrumental 12-bar blues titty-shaker with a burn-your-fingers guitar solo and – as is obligatory – a fine-sounding woman on hand to speak the song's title at...
    • £6.99
  3. Caravan


    George Jenkins

    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Swinging sax version! Great!

    • £15.00
  4. Wobble Wickie/ Weird

    Wobble Wickie/ Weird

    Rhythm Tones / Bob Vidone

    Genres: Rockabilly, Tittyshakers, WeirdFormat: 7 inch

    "Weird" is one word, "totally deranged" are another couple I can think of to describe this oddball double-sider
    • £6.00
  5. See the Cheetah

    See the Cheetah

    Billy Watches

    Genres: Exotica, Popcorn, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Very cool instro, '60s mod style

    • £25.00
  6. Rising Mercury

    Rising Mercury

    Le Sabres

    Genres: Instrumental, Rock n Roll, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Cool rockin' instro with SAX!

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    • £25.00
  7. Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup

    Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup

    Sign Of Four

    Genres: Beats, Cut and Paste, Electronica, Instrumental, Jazz, Oddities, Re-edits and Reworks, WeirdFormat: CD

    Oscillating and reverberating chaotically through sonic orbs and polyphonic sound textures, The Sign of Four is a new creative concept from the Natural Yogurt Band'...

    • £5.99
  8. Sticks & Stones

    Sticks & Stones

    Gene Ludwig

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Mod, Soul Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Scorching Hammond burner! Great version!

    • £15.00
  9. Ramble


    Go Boys

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Fantastic sleazy sax growler!!! Looks trashed VG- but plays great!

    • £15.00
  10. Monkey Man

    Monkey Man

    Baby Huey

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Mod, Rock, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Totally insane frat rock shaker! This thing is WILD!

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    • £6.99
  11. The Witch

    The Witch


    Genres: 60's Garage, Psychedelia, Rock, Rock n Roll, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Hands down the rawest Pac-NW White Frat Little Richard sound-a-like out there!  This infamous doubled-sided 60s Garage stomper with its snarling vocals is psyc...

    • £9.99
  12. Gaucho Guitar

    Gaucho Guitar

    Glenn Darrell

    Genres: Exotica, Popcorn, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Fun exotic dancing guitar outing!

    • £15.00
  13. Spunky Onions

    Spunky Onions

    Billy Davis & the Legends

    Genres: Instrumental, Mod, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Oh yes Billy likes his onions alright, perhaps a bit too much!

    • £30.00
  14. Fever



    Genres: 60's Garage, Funk Rock, Mod, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Are there any bad versions of this tune? The McCoys take it to another level with a mod-tastic rocker! 

    • £12.00
  15. Crawlin' (The Crawl)

    Crawlin' (The Crawl)

    Untouchables / Richie Mayo

    Genres: Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    On a label quite aptly named 'Sleezy', we offer up both super rare versions of one of the raunchiest instrumental compositions ever conceived. On the flip side, we ...

    • £5.99
  16. Stereo Freeze

    Stereo Freeze


    Genres: Funk, Instrumental, Mod, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Early funk groover! Scarce first pressing on their own label!

    • £20.00
  17. Johnny's Jive

    Johnny's Jive

    Johnny Little John

    Genres: Contemporary R&B, Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    It ain't nothing but a titty!!!

    • £20.00
  18. The Mash

    The Mash

    Bud Spudd & the Sprouts

    Genres: Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, Mod, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Cracking RnB grinder!

    • £20.00
  19. Greazee Pts 1 & 2

    Greazee Pts 1 & 2

    Billy Preston

    Genres: Funk, Instrumental, Mod, Rock n Roll, Soul Funk, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Wild '60s organ funk instro!

    • £15.00
  20. Kookie's Mad Pad

    Kookie's Mad Pad

    Edd Byrnes

    Genres: Exotica, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Cool beatnik vibe!

    • £15.00
  21. Cleo's Mood

    Cleo's Mood

    Jr Walker All Stars

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Languid sax n' guitar combo that oozes sleeeeeeze

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    • £12.00
  22. Oo-Clazy!



    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Oriental rock n roll!

    • £25.00
  23. Hot Pepper

    Hot Pepper

    Floyd Cramer

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Manic keyboard instro dancer!

    • £12.00
  24. Three Cool Cats

    Three Cool Cats


    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, Popcorn, Tittyshakers, Vocal JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Slinky Leiber and Stoller classic with smooth vocal harmonies and a King Curtis saxophone break. Effortlessly cool.

    • £15.00
  25. Scotty Pts 1 & 2

    Scotty Pts 1 & 2

    Dave 'Baby' Cortez

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Wild organ monster!

    • £12.00
  26. Twistin' to the Blues

    Twistin' to the Blues

    Buddy Greco

    Genres: TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Tune! One of my fave DJ spins, great stuff!

    • £25.00
  27. Harem Dance

    Harem Dance

    Armenian Jazz Sextet

    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, Jazz, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Belly dance harem grinder!

    • £20.00
  28. Delicious!


    Jim Backus and Friend

    Genres: Exotica, Oddities, Tittyshakers, WeirdFormat: 7 inch

    If this doesn't put a smile on your face then you're DEAD! I'll have some of what they're drinking! Utterly inane, mad and totally bonkers... yet utterly addictive ...

    • £12.00
  29. Seventh Round

    Seventh Round

    Chip & Dave

    Genres: Instrumental, Mod, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    High octane organ instro with a touch of Ray Charles!

    • £20.00
  30. Vanguard


    Jimmie Haskell

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Cool RnB instrumental exotica not a million miles away from 'Tequila'. Jimmie has even brought in his space age effects console from the 'Rockin' in Orbit' session,...

    • £15.00
  31. Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet Potatoes

    Jimmy Dell

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Classic Las Vegas Grind shaker! Bargain price due to condition!

    • £20.00
  32. Sugar in my Tea

    Sugar in my Tea

    Piney Brown

    Genres: Blues, Jukebox RnB, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    A "new breed" R&B number of the highest order
    • £6.99
  33. Love Blood Hound

    Love Blood Hound

    Mojo Watson

    Genres: Blues, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Mojo Watson declares himself to be a 'Love Bloodhound' on this great Rocker, and he even added some barks and yelps to prove it!
    • £6.00
  34. Four Paces East

    Four Paces East

    Don Ralke

    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, Popcorn, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Spicy Mid-East exotica with a jazzy touch!

    • £15.00
  35. Malaguena


    Ali Hussan

    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Red hot and rampant version of the belly dance classic!

    • £15.00
  36. Pass the Bug

    Pass the Bug

    Gene the Hat

    Genres: Funk, Soul Funk, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Pot party RnB from the juke joint, with 'joint' being the operative word here. Pass the bug - geddit?    

    • £15.00