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  1. The Fly Swatter

    The Fly Swatter

    DDT & the Repellants

    Genres: Instrumental, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Bugged out rock n roll! It's madness I tell you! Love it!

    • £20.00
  2. Tuck in with The Natural Yogurt Band

    Tuck in with The Natural Yogurt Band

    Natural Yogurt Band

    Genres: Beats Downtempo, Downtempo, Instrumental, Jazz Funk, Psychedelia, WeirdFormat: CD

    More quirky instrumental irreverence from The Natural Yogurt Band!
    • £5.99
  3. Wahoo


    Les Cooper and his Soul Rockers

    Genres: Funk, Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Funky instro!

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    • £20.00
  4. Sapphire


    Big Danny Oliver

    Genres: Contemporary R&B, Soul, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    A massive favourite of mine and all the hipsters who jump n' jive to it at a Jazzman gig. Unbeatable!
    • £6.99
  5. Get It

    Get It


    Genres: Instrumental, Mod, Rock n Roll, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Cool rockin' shaker! It's a BLAST!

    • £20.00
  6. Harlem Nocturne

    Harlem Nocturne

    J J Jones

    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, Jazz, Mod, Popcorn, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    JJ Jones released a handful of wonderful 45s during the late 50s, this is one of them, you'd be hard pressed to find a better version of "Harlem Nocturne", fantasti...

    • £30.00
  7. Tough Chick

    Tough Chick


    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Superb sleazy sax growler! One of the best!

    • £30.00
  8. The Stripper

    The Stripper

    David Rose

    Genres: TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    The ULTIMATE titty shakin' burlesque strip theme? A tune that's been around doing the rounds in northern working men's clubs for what seems like eons - the original...

    • £10.00
  9. Tropicola


    Nino Nardini / Anthony King

    Genres: Beats, Beats Downtempo, Funk, Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Jazz Funk, Library, Psychedelia, Soul Funk, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Of the millions of library recordings out there, we're continuing with our plan to release only the very best library tracks that the world has to offer. If you hav...

    • £6.99
  10. Live It Up

    Live It Up


    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Obscure Texas Rockabilly number from 1962, cool snotty vocals and twanging guitar breaks.
    • £6.00
  11. Railroad No. 1

    Railroad No. 1

    Lionel Hampton

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Cool mod dancer with vibes and a funky shuffle beat!

    • £15.00
  12. Get Wit It

    Get Wit It

    Bobby Davis

    Genres: TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Groovy '60s instro with emphasis on the piano & sax

    • £15.00
  13. Surfin' Bird

    Surfin' Bird


    Genres: Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Probably the best record on this page! It doesn't matter what music you're into, this is an absolute MUST HAVE!

    • £15.00
  14. Choo Choo

    Choo Choo


    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, Soul, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Loving this one!!! Utterly superb vocal group number, excellent harmonies as you would expect from this under exposed doo wop unit. This also has a counter-rhythm w...

    • £20.00
  15. Miserlou


    George Kay

    Genres: Exotica, Popcorn, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Yet another version, fabulous!

    • £25.00
  16. Crawlin' (The Crawl)

    Crawlin' (The Crawl)

    Untouchables / Richie Mayo

    Genres: Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    On a label quite aptly named 'Sleezy', we offer up both super rare versions of one of the raunchiest instrumental compositions ever conceived. On the flip side, we ...

    • £5.99
  17. A Woman

    A Woman


    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Zany instro zounds!

    • £15.00
  18. Together Again

    Together Again

    Uncle Funkenstein

    Genres: Funk, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Soul Funk, Soul JazzFormat: CD

    One of the ultimate private press funky jazz LPs!

    • £5.99
  19. Turn On Song

    Turn On Song


    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Hot 'Chittlin's style sax blower!

    • £20.00
  20. Chain Of Fools Feat. Drenda Barnett

    Chain Of Fools Feat. Drenda Barnett

    Bill Swift Trio + 1

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, Funk, Jazz Funk, Soul FunkFormat: 12 inch

    For this 12” EP we’ve selected the best songs – two stunning Aretha Franklin covers and an original slice of real deal funky soul that immediately...

    • £5.99
  21. Mish-Mash


    Carrie Grant

    Genres: Mod, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Wild party sounds!

    • £15.00
  22. Money (That's All I Want)

    Money (That's All I Want)


    Genres: Instrumental, Rock n Roll, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Rockin' version of the Barrett Strong classic!

    • £15.00
  23. Fun



    Genres: 60's Garage, Mod, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Frat party sounds a-go-go!

    • £20.00
  24. Groovy


    Joe Dodo and The Groovers

    Genres: Oddities, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    What starts off as your average R&R turns out to be anything but. Firstly, it has this very languid energy and laid-back quality. Add in the somewhat trippy fac...

    • £20.00
  25. Syam's Blues

    Syam's Blues

    King Syam

    Genres: Instrumental, Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Raunchy rocker with twangy guitar!

    • £25.00
  26. Johnny's Jive

    Johnny's Jive

    Johnny Little John

    Genres: Contemporary R&B, Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    It ain't nothing but a titty!!!

    • £20.00
  27. Hard Luck Soul

    Hard Luck Soul

    Ohio Penitentiary 511 Jazz Ensemble

    Genres: Funk, Jazz, Jazz FunkFormat: LP

    The 'Hard Luck Blues' LP was the band's only recording, and the group disbanded after the release of Logan and Rollins. The music on the album comprises of four lon...

    • £14.99
  28. Three Cool Cats

    Three Cool Cats


    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, Popcorn, Tittyshakers, Vocal JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Slinky Leiber and Stoller classic with smooth vocal harmonies and a King Curtis saxophone break. Effortlessly cool.

    • £15.00
  29. Money



    Genres: 60's Garage, Instrumental, Mod, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Awesome organised instro version of the Motown hit!

    • £15.00
  30. Pigtails


    Don Schraier

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Uptempo instrumental 12-bar blues titty-shaker with a burn-your-fingers guitar solo and – as is obligatory – a fine-sounding woman on hand to speak the song's title at...
    • £6.99
  31. Back Woods

    Back Woods

    Bill Doggett

    Genres: Funk, Instrumental, Jazz, Mod, Soul Jazz, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Obscure one from our man Bill. Fab gritty pre-funk head-noddin' bluesy organ cut.

    • £12.00
  32. Hey!


    Gabriel and the Angels

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Goofy Mid-East 'shaker that sets dancefloors alight! Hey!

    • £25.00
  33. Cleo's Mood

    Cleo's Mood

    Jr Walker All Stars

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Languid sax n' guitar combo that oozes sleeeeeeze

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    • £12.00
  34. Hot Pepper

    Hot Pepper

    Floyd Cramer

    Genres: Instrumental, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Manic keyboard instro dancer!

    • £12.00
  35. Delicious!


    Jim Backus and Friend

    Genres: Exotica, Oddities, Tittyshakers, WeirdFormat: 7 inch

    If this doesn't put a smile on your face then you're DEAD! I'll have some of what they're drinking! Utterly inane, mad and totally bonkers... yet utterly addictive ...

    • £15.00
  36. Spirit Man

    Spirit Man

    Weldon Irvine

    Genres: Funk, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Soul JazzFormat: LP

    Massively funky work from the mighty Weldon Irvine – sublimely cosmic and filled with soul throughout!

    • £17.99