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Moon In Libra

S-Tone Inc.

  • Label: Schema
  • Origin: Europe
  • Genres: Brazilian, Jazz Fusion, Modern Jazz, Nu Jazz, Soul Jazz, Vocal Jazz
  • Format: 2 x LP
  • Catalogue number: SCLP407

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"Moon In Libra" is the fifth album by Stefano Tirone aka S-Tone Inc; it follows the same artistic path of the previous ones with a renewed passion for the Brazilian sonorities from the sixties, and is influenced by the soul jazz atmospheres connected to noir movies. Many are the special guests here: the singers Laura Fedele, Angie Brown and Manuela Ravaglioli on one side, the Brazilian Toco and Adi Souza on another, plus the well-known Rosalia De Souza and Kal dos Santos (from the band Mitoka Samba)!

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Moon In Libra



Side 1
1. "Copacabana Soul"
2. "Stormy" (Bossa mix)
3. "Lua E Xango"
Side 2
1. "Ponta Da Pedra"
2. "Universe Of Love"
Side 3
1. "My Only Man"
2. "Queen Of The Night"
3. "Better Than A Lie"
Side 4
1. "Dona Luna"
2. "How High Is The Moon"