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Virgin Ubiquity (Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981)

Roy Ayers

  • Label: Rapster Records
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Genres: Beats Dancefloor, Boogie, Funk, Funky Jazz, Jazz Funk, Modern Soul, Rare Grooves, Soul, Soul Funk
  • Format: 2 x LP
  • Catalogue number: RR0026LP

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A whopping 2 LP's worth of unreleased gems from the mighty Roy Ayers! Roy's trademark funky fusion sound of the '70s is present throughout, and each track sounds wonderful and with impeccable production, it makes you wonder how they remained in the can for so long? Fans and newcomers alike are in for a real treat!

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Virgin Ubiquity (Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981)



Side 1
1.    "Boogie Down"
2.    "What's The T"
3.    "I Really Love You"
Side 2
1.    "Oh What A Lovely Feeling"
2.    "Sugar"
3.    "Mystery Of Love"
Side 3
1.    "Green & Gold"
2.    "Brand New Feeling"
3.    "I Did It In Seattle"
Side 4
1.    "Mystic Voyage"
2.    "I Just Wanna Give It Up"
3.    "Together Forever"
4.    "I Am Your Mind"