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  1. Blues Machine

    Blues Machine

    John Eaton

    Genres: Electronica, Instrumental, Oddities, Tittyshakers, WeirdFormat: 7 inch

    Quite possibly the weirdest, bugged out, freakadelic psychomonster we've ever listed and you've ever heard! The psychotic madman who created this wasn't mad, he was...

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    • £35.00
  2. Hot Dog Boogie

    Hot Dog Boogie

    Singing Dogs

    Genres: Instrumental, Oddities, Rock n Roll, Tittyshakers, WeirdFormat: 7 inch

    Singing dogs?! It's madness I tell you!

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    • £15.00
  3. The Spook

    The Spook


    Genres: Instrumental, Tittyshakers, WeirdFormat: 7 inch

    Incredible Halloween monster! One of the best!

    • £60.00
  4. Mad


    Social Outcasts

    Genres: Exotica, Instrumental, Oddities, Tittyshakers, WeirdFormat: 7 inch

    An apt title if ever there was one... crazy as hell 45!

    • £25.00