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NEW Small Brown Crocodile Skin 45 Record Box

  • Format: 7" Record Box
  • Catalogue number: SMBRCROC1

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Introducing our own range of brand new 45 cases, in equal measure stylish and functional, solving the age-old problem of storing, transporting & displaying your precious 45s once and for all.

Custom made in limited numbers and modelled on the timeless mid-century design aesthetic of original 1950s and 60s 45 cases from the USA, these iconic record boxes don't just look fantastic, they have been built to last for many years to come.

Ugly, bulky industrial flight cases they are not. No cheap plastic or flimsy cardboard either! These are the ultimate wooden cases for all serious 7" record collectors.

Each case has been hand-made in the EU from hard wearing wood before being covered with an outer wrap and inner lining. Each has been custom built to our exact specifications.

The outer wrap is extremely hard-wearing with anti-scratch properties and with excellent long-lasting resistance to water, dirt, abrasion, UV rays, yellowing, cracking, and chipping.

The interior is lined with burgundy felt to add both a little extra cushioning and an even more luxurious feel.

Available in both single and dual compartment sizes, easily holding 60 or 120 of your prized 7" records respectively, and with generous compartment dimensions to accommodate double-bagged 45s.  

Exterior size: 220 x 200 x 210mm

Weight: 1.5kg

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NEW Small Brown Crocodile Skin 45 Record Box