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  1. So Good To Be In Love

    So Good To Be In Love

    Phase 7

    Genres: Boogie, Brazilian, Modern Soul, Soul, Soul Funk, TropicalFormat: 7 inch

    Ensconced at the Infinity nightclub in the Sheraton Waikiki, Phase 7 was Hawaiian disco royalty during the mid-1970s. Originally founded by Van de Guzman and Heming...

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  2. Leave My Woman Alone

    Leave My Woman Alone

    Ace Holder

    Genres: Blues, Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, Rock n RollFormat: 7 inch

    Heartfelt RnB crooner backed with a bluesy dancefloor number!

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    • £6.99
  3. My Beat Is 125th Street

    My Beat Is 125th Street

    Eunice Davis

    Genres: Blues, Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, Rock n RollFormat: 7 inch

    Coupla femme RnB swingers, sassy and raw!

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    • £6.99
  4. Strictly Britxotica!

    Strictly Britxotica!

    Various Artists

    Genres: Exotica, Jazz, Library, Oddities, Popcorn, TittyshakersFormat: LP

    Another superb adventure in the Britxotica! series, looking into rare and amazing exotic British recordings. For this exciting installment we waltz to the British b...

  5. Ebo Taylor and the Pelikans

    Ebo Taylor and the Pelikans

    Ebo Taylor

    Genres: Afro, Afro Funk, Afro Rock, Funk, Tropical, WorldFormat: LP

    One of the rarest Ebo Taylor LPs by far, includes the seminal Ghana Funk anthem 'Come Along' - vintage highlife and Ghanian funk!

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    • £17.99
  6. Viralata


    Antonio Adolfo

    Genres: Brazilian, Funky Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Soul Jazz, Tropical, WorldFormat: LP

    First released in 1979 during the heyday of Brazil's jazz-funk movement, Antonio Adolfo's Viralata has long been considered an era-defining release by those who kno...

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    • £18.99
  7. Ain't Nothing Like The Love

    Ain't Nothing Like The Love

    Phillip Ballou

    Genres: 80's Soul, Boogie, Jazz Funk, Modern Soul, Northern Soul, SoulFormat: 7 inch

    What an amazing discovery!! To think john simmons "Aint nothing like the Love" that came out on Sabrina records in 1981 wasn't the original version. This credit goe...

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    • £10.99
  8. Safe


    John Simmons

    Genres: Jazz Funk, Modern Soul, Northern Soul, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    Killer modern soul cut...just right for todays soul scene! With an equally lovely kind of rare groove bassline led soul cut on the flip.

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    • £10.99
  9. Malik



    Genres: Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Modern Soul, Northern Soul, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    'Malik' is an unreleased jazz funker that was recorded in the early 1980s and features legendary percussionist Bill Summers amongst the players. The sprightly jazz ...

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    • £10.99
  10. Traveling Through The Land

    Traveling Through The Land

    Arthur Goodjoin & the Singing Tornados

    Genres: Modern Soul, Northern Soul, Soul, Sweet SoulFormat: 7 inch

    The third release on Cordial Recordings is Arthur Goodjoin & The Singing Tornados with 'Traveling Through The Land' & 'Stop This Fussing & Fighting.' Bo...

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    • £10.99
  11. Sweat


    Pugs Atomz & Mulatto Patriot

    Genres: Beats, Beats Dancefloor, Hip Hop, Rap, Re-edits and ReworksFormat: 7 inch

    Following on from his hook up with Chris Read, we are happy to showcase the talents of Pugs Atomz once again, this time in collaboration with fellow Chicago compatr...

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    • £8.99
  12. Yakhal' Inkomo

    Yakhal' Inkomo

    Mankunku Quartet

    Genres: Afro, Instrumental, Jazz, Modal Jazz, Spiritual JazzFormat: CD

    Saxophonist Winston 'Mankunku' Ngozi's 1968 masterpiece Yakhal'inkomo stands in the front rank of global jazz recordings. A certified jazz classic in South Africa, ...

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    • £9.99
  13. It's Just Begun

    It's Just Begun

    Jimmy Castor Bunch

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, Beats, Beats Dancefloor, Funk, Hip Hop, Rare Grooves, Re-edits and Reworks, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    There are few bigger breakers anthems than the Jimmy Castor Bunch's "It's Just Begun". One of the foundation records on which the early hip-hop scene was built, it ...

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    • £7.99
  14. Spellcheck EP

    Spellcheck EP

    Spellbinder Project

    Genres: Funk Rock, Funky Jazz, Psychedelia, RockFormat: 12 inch

    Having been endorsed by Andrew Weatherall on his June 2017 NTS radio show, the band were inspired to release this four-track vinyl EP on their own label Big Shanty ...

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    • £10.99
  15. Gail


    Michel Sardaby

    Genres: Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Soul JazzFormat: LP

    World Seven is a record label brought to you by the Paris & London based Africa Seven crew ( We have joined forces with a collective of lab...

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    • £19.99
  16. Barrows Blues

    Barrows Blues

    John Wesley Dickson Band

    Genres: Folk Funk, Funk Rock, Soul Funk, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    John Wesley Dickson is best known for his two contributions to the well-respected Praise Poems series. The stunning quality of "Barrows Blues" as well as "High &...

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    • £7.49
  17. Traditori di Tutti

    Traditori di Tutti

    Calibro 35

    Genres: Funk Rock, Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Jazz Fusion, Library, Psychedelia, Soul Jazz, SoundtrackFormat: LP

    Record Kicks proudly presents the reissue of Calibro 35's masterpiece "Traditori Di Tutti" on a limited Gatefold LP edition. Originally released in 2013, the long t...

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    • £16.99
  18. One Step Ahead

    One Step Ahead

    Aretha Franklin

    Genres: Northern Soul, Popcorn, Soul, Vocal JazzFormat: 7 inch

    You may know Aretha Franklin's scintillating "One Step Ahead" from its vital role in the Oscar-winning movie Moonlight. You may also know it as providing the beauti...

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    • £13.99
  19. Say Brother

    Say Brother

    Stark Reality

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, Funk, Funky Jazz, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Nice on 45 - two cuts from the legendary Stark Reality 'Hoagy Carmichael Workshop' album!

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    • £10.99
  20. Soul Of A Woman

    Soul Of A Woman

    Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings

    Genres: Funk, Sister Funk, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    Before she passed away last year, Sharon Jones spent a couple of months recording what would become her final album with the Dap Kings. Released posthumously, Soul ...

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    • £17.99
  21. Funny Girl

    Funny Girl

    James Mason

    Genres: Funk, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Modern Soul, Rare Grooves, Soul, Soul Funk, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Although featured on James Mason's lauded - and recently reissued - 1977 album Rhythm of Life, "Funny Girl" is nowhere near as celebrated as some of the other cuts ...

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    • £7.99
  22. Freedom Of Speech

    Freedom Of Speech

    Billy Parker's Fourth World

    Genres: Jazz, Modal Jazz, Soul Jazz, Vocal JazzFormat: LP

    One of the best, most desirable and most elusive of the Strata East albums, here at last is the deep jazz classic from drummer Billy Parker. Features the key track ...

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    • £22.99
  23. Work Money Death

    Work Money Death

    Tony Burkill

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Modal Jazz, Nu Jazz, Soul Jazz, Spiritual JazzFormat: LP

    If you buy one jazz album this year - THIS IS THE ONE TO GET!!!

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    • £16.99
  24. Atle Lauve

    Atle Lauve

    Atle Lauve

    Genres: 80's Soul, Boogie, Disco, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Modern Soul, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    He (Atle) got the funk. Atle got the soul. Atle got the smooth sound of West Coast. When he was in his teens, he spent all his money on music, women and party. Here...

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  25. Tribute To My Soul Sisters

    Tribute To My Soul Sisters

    Martha High

    Genres: Funk, Rare Grooves, Sister Funk, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    Legendary James Brown's protégée Martha High teams up with mighty Japanese Osaka Monaural to pay homage to "JB's Funky Divas" in her new album "Tribut...

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    • £15.99
  26. Rockin' You Eternally

    Rockin' You Eternally

    Leon Ware

    Genres: Funk, Jazz Funk, Modern Soul, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    The world lost a true soul icon on 23rd February 2017. After working with Leon Ware for the first release on Be With, we're honoured to celebrate his legacy further...

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    • £17.99
  27. Time For A Change

    Time For A Change


    Genres: Boogie, Disco, Modern Soul, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    Very obscure throbbing disco/boogie dancer! Almost impossible to find it it's original form, here is a very welcome reissue that's bound to arouse plenty of interes...

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    • £10.99
  28. La Massagiste

    La Massagiste

    Wilma Dias

    Genres: Boogie, Brazilian, Disco, Modern Soul, SoulFormat: 7 inch

    Steamy Brazilian disco soul from provocative dancer/actor Wilma Dias. "La Massagiste" takes off where Painel De Controle's "Relax" left us three years before in 197...

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    • £10.99
  29. Attica Blues

    Attica Blues

    Archie Shepp

    Genres: Funky Jazz, Jazz, Soul Jazz, Vocal JazzFormat: 7 inch

    The two main cuts from Archie Shepp's class outing 'Attica Blues' album, protest jazz written by Shepp in 1972 in response to the Attica prison riots. Excellent qua...

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  30. Music is my Sanctuary

    Music is my Sanctuary

    Gary Bartz

    Genres: Funky Jazz, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Rare Grooves, Soul Jazz, Spiritual Jazz, Vocal JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Double-sided '70s jazz-funk classics from Gary Bartz. Excellent quality official release from Universal Music Japan that's been executed at a high standard. Sharp c...

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  31. Ordinary Joe

    Ordinary Joe

    Terry Callier

    Genres: Folk Funk, Mod, Northern Soul, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz, Vocal JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Two of the best takes from the legend that is Terry Callier! Often bootlegged but here is the real deal, an official release from Universal Music Japan. Sharp cover...

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    • £25.99
  32. DDDO2


    Debre Damo Dining Orchestra

    Genres: Afro, Afro Funk, Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Jazz, Modal Jazz, Soul Jazz, Spiritual Jazz, Tropical, WorldFormat: LP

    Second instalment of tough Ethio jazz from Denmark, on their own label. Great stuff! Heavy! The first LP last year went quick! Don't miss this!

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    • £19.99
  33. Tell Me That You Love Me

    Tell Me That You Love Me

    Jonny Benavidez & Cold Diamond & Mink

    Genres: Northern Soul, Soul, Sweet SoulFormat: 7 inch

    This next chapter of Timmion's talent scouting in the US will land home with the Purple Heart of Soul, and turn even the coldest of us to the love side. No prisoner...

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    • £6.99
  34. The Price I Had to Pay

    The Price I Had to Pay

    Dede Copeland

    Genres: Northern Soul, Sister Funk, Soul, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz, Vocal JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Ervin Rucker started out as a pianist and composer in the 1950s. After he released his sole single on Musette he changed his name to Big Daddy Rucker in the late 60...

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  35. Give Up

    Give Up

    RDM Band

    Genres: Funk, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    The R.D.M. Band, with singer Milton Campbell, were from Maple Shade, New Jersey and recorded two Virtue singles in 1969. They released their final 45 on the obscure...

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  36. Forget Me Not

    Forget Me Not

    Myles Sanko

    Genres: Boogie, Broken Beat, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Nu Jazz, Soul, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Love is timeless and has no boundaries. "Forget Me Not" has classic love song written all over it, but with this release Myles Sanko goes beyond that to explore the...

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