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  1. New Directions

    New Directions

    Afro Blues Quintet

    Genres: Instrumental, Jazz, Latin, Latin Jazz, Modal JazzFormat: LP

    Fans of Cal Tjader, Quartette Tres Bien or The Latin Jazz Quintet will love this - lots of lovely grooves with a nice modal vibe to them from one of the groov...

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    • £12.99
  2. Mambo Rapidito

    Mambo Rapidito

    Orquesta Akokan

    Genres: Latin, Latin Jazz, Latin Soul, Tropical, WorldFormat: 7 inch

    Direct from Havana, Cuba - Daptone Records is proud to present the debut single by Orquesta Akokán. Featuring some of Havana's most formidable musicians play...

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    • £7.49
  3. Orquesta Akokan

    Orquesta Akokan

    Orquesta Akokan

    Genres: Latin, Latin Jazz, Latin Soul, Tropical, WorldFormat: LP

    Direct from Cuba! Daptone Records is proud to introduce Orquesta Akokán, a big band collective of Havana's top musicians both young and old, joining forces with so...

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    • £17.99
  4. Tema De Banderas

    Tema De Banderas


    Genres: Latin, Latin Jazz, Latin Soul, Tropical, WorldFormat: 7 inch

    Picture this: 11 musicians, dancers and dj join forces in 2014. Drawn together by their passion for and hypnotized with the infectious grooves of Salsa, Boogaloo, A...

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    • £8.49
  5. Deep (Oh Poor Me) / Identify Yourself 

    Deep (Oh Poor Me) / Identify Yourself 

    Quetchy Alma / Cafe

    Genres: Beats, Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Latin, Latin SoulFormat: 7 inch

    'Deep', also known as 'Oh Poor Me' is a mid-tempo latin soul/boogaloo from singer Quetchy Alma aka La Lloroncita. Taken from the very rare LP ‘El Sol Br...

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    • £7.99
  6. Maria Fumaca / Mr Funky Samba

    Maria Fumaca / Mr Funky Samba

    Banda Black Rio

    Genres: Beats, Brazilian, Instrumental, Jazz, LatinFormat: 7 inch

    Double A-side from the legendary Brazilian disco-jazz-funk masters Banda Black Rio. Both cuts come from their brilliant ‘Maria Fumaça’ LP. ...

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    • £7.99
  7. Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth Boogie In 1980s South Africa

    Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth Boogie In 1980s South Africa

    Various Artists

    Genres: Afro, Afro Disco, Beats Dancefloor, Disco, Electronica, Soul Funk, Tropical, WorldFormat: 3 x LP

    Soundway's latest essential collection successfully shines a light on synth-heavy South African music of the 1980s, chronicling local musicians and producers' attem...

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    • £19.99
  8. Drown My Heart

    Drown My Heart

    David Coleman

    Genres: Latin, Latin Soul, Mod, Northern Soul, Popcorn, Soul, Vocal JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Two New York latin soul bangers from legendary band leader Hector Rivera and vocalist David Coleman.. Hector wrote and arranged for many famous latinaires such as R...

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    • £10.99
  9. Bounce & Freak

    Bounce & Freak

    Light Years

    Genres: Beats, Beats Dancefloor, Boogie, Disco, Electronica, Jazz Funk, Modern Soul, Rare Grooves, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    1978 talk box funk recorded at DB Studios and issued for the first time from DC band Light Years, featuring Carl Kidd, Ernest Smith, Skip Pitts of Isaac Hayes Shaft...

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    • £11.99
  10. Broasted Or Fried

    Broasted Or Fried

    Willie Bobo

    Genres: Beats, Beats Dancefloor, Funk, Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Latin, Latin JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Previously unreleased, alternate takes of “Broasted or Fried” and “Soul Foo Young”.

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    • £8.99
  11. Mr Bongo Record Club Volume Two

    Mr Bongo Record Club Volume Two

    Various Artists

    Genres: Brazilian, Funk, Funky Jazz, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Latin, Rare Grooves, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz, Tropical, Vocal Jazz, WorldFormat: 2 x LP

    Brighton based record label, publishers, cinematographers and legendary former London record store Mr Bongo present the first installment in their new 'Mr Bongo Rec...

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    • £17.99
  12. Ratto Nero

    Ratto Nero


    Genres: Beats, Electronica, Funk, Funk Rock, Instrumental, Psychedelia, WeirdFormat: 7 inch

    Following the success of their debut 7inch "Heavy Tint/Dip-Dab", Brighton psych-funk combo MNP (featuring Beta Hector and his long-time bandmates from Baby Charles ...

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    • £9.99
  13. Jukebox Mambo Vol. 3

    Jukebox Mambo Vol. 3

    Various Artists

    Genres: Blues, Calypso, Exotica, Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, Latin, Rock n Roll, TropicalFormat: 6 x 10 inch Book

    Over 3 years in the making, this is another journey into the world of Jukebox Mambo - another set of sweltering rumba accented Rhythm & Blues! This 10" book set...

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    • £49.99
  14. I Can't Stand It Here On Quiet Nights: Singles 1981-82

    I Can't Stand It Here On Quiet Nights: Singles 1981-82

    Maximum Joy

    Genres: Beats Dancefloor, Beats Downtempo, Electronica, Jazz Funk, Pop, Post PunkFormat: 2 x 12 inch

    With just one LP and a load of 45s to their name, here's a 2 x 12" collection that features the best tunes of this funk-punk band led by ex-Pop Group members John W...

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    • £16.99
  15. Vampiras


    Grupo Magnetico

    Genres: Latin, Latin Soul, Salsa, TropicalFormat: 7 inch

    Both these tracks sound like they could have been recorded by Colombian musicians in New York during the heyday of Boogaloo, with A-side "Vampiras" - a typically un...

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    • £10.99
  16. Witch Doctor

    Witch Doctor

    Markey Funk

    Genres: Electronica, Funk, Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Oddities, PsychedeliaFormat: 7 inch

    Markey Funk returns to Delights with a new exclusive 7inch. It's two sides of drum-heavy fuzz funk, largely inspired by the early 70's European psychsploitation rec...

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    • £9.99
  17. Keep On Moving

    Keep On Moving


    Genres: Beats, Electronica, Funk, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Post Punk, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    It feels like someone left the light on in the studio and it all just ran itself, there had been a funky human input earlier in the day but, by a Darwinian machine-...

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    • £12.99
  18. Biguine Lélé avec Francisco

    Biguine Lélé avec Francisco


    Genres: Afro, Calypso, Ethnic, Latin, Tropical, WorldFormat: LP

    New “vinyl only” reissue from Les Mains Noires of France. Francisco’s second Hit Parade album, a Biguine Jazz holy grail now available again in a ...

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    • £26.99
  19. Batazo Batero

    Batazo Batero

    Los Propios Bateros

    Genres: Instrumental, Latin, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Tropical, WorldFormat: 7 inch

    Los Propios Bateros began as a quest to discover a common Colombian rhythm pattern that could connect music from all over the Americas. Spearheading this experiment...

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    • £11.99
  20. Sicario


    Sabor Y Control

    Genres: Latin, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Tropical, WorldFormat: 7 inch

    Originating from Lima, Peru - Sabor y Control has been holding the torch for classic salsa dura and descarga in their home country for the last 17+ years, churning ...

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    • £11.99
  21. Military Cut

    Military Cut

    Kenny Dope

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, Beats, Beats Downtempo, Electronica, Funk, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    Back by Dope demand, MAW man Kenny unleashes a highly limited 150-only 45" from 2014's much-needed remaster of Fab Five Freddy's seminal Wild Style score. Here are ...

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    • £7.99
  22. Use It Before You Lose It

    Use It Before You Lose It

    Bobby Valentin

    Genres: Latin, Latin Soul, Mod, Northern Soul, Salsa, Soul Funk, TropicalFormat: 7 inch

    Another excursion into Latin and Brazilian funk and jazz from the Raro Raro label, this time setting Bobby Valentin's classic "Use It Before You Lose It" dancefloor...

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    • £7.99
  23. India


    Gal Costa

    Genres: Brazilian, Folk Funk, Latin, Soul, Soul Funk, Tropical, WorldFormat: LP

    A post-Tropicalia masterpiece from one of the movements key figures and true legends of Brazilian music, Gal Costa. Features a stellar line up of musicians in...

  24. Turmoil


    Ilia Gorovitz

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, Electronica, Funk, Future Beats, Instrumental, Psychedelia, WeirdFormat: 7 inch

    The new Jerusalem-based label Raash Records opens its doors to spread their heavy heavy mind-melting sound around the world.

    The label kicks off with a debu...

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    • £10.99
  25. Same Speed Sambas 2

    Same Speed Sambas 2

    Same Speed Edits

    Genres: Boogie, Brazilian, Disco, Jazz Funk, Latin, Re-edits and Reworks, Soul JazzFormat: 12 inch

    Same Speed Sambas are back to celebrate the sound of the summer in 2017 in their very own unique way. Following on from last year's now hugely sought after debut, t...

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    • £9.99
  26. New Directions In Funk Vol 3

    New Directions In Funk Vol 3

    Soul Clap

    Genres: 80's Soul, Disco, Electronica, Funk, Jazz Funk, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    For the 3rd edition of our New Directions In Funk 7" series on Soul Clap Records we're keeping it close to home with special versions of two of the funkiest cuts of...

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    • £7.49
  27. Goombay: Music From Bahamas 1951-59

    Goombay: Music From Bahamas 1951-59

    Various Artists

    Genres: Exotica, Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, Latin, Tropical, WorldFormat: LP

    Terrific selection of this irresistible combination of Trinidadian calypso, Jamaican mento, rhythm and blues, even a dash of merengue, from just off the bottom of F...

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    • £16.99
  28. Paradise


    B. Bravo

    Genres: 80's Soul, Beats, Beats Downtempo, Electronica, Funk, Future Beats, Jazz Funk, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    We've been steadily teased by Bastard Jazz with a slow flow of singles but the time has come to reveal B Bravo's whole debut album... And he hasn't disappointed. A ...

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    • £13.99
  29. Ya Veran

    Ya Veran


    Genres: Exotica, Latin, Latin Soul, Tropical, WorldFormat: 7 inch

    Head an hour east of Los Angeles and you'll find yourself in the Inland Empire of San Bernardino / Riverside, where a thriving Latinx DIY music and art scene is on ...

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    • £10.99
  30. Right On

    Right On

    Ray Barretto

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, Beats, Funk, Latin, Latin Soul, Mod, Soul Funk, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Two more rare-as-hens-teeth Latin soul & funk bombs remastered and pressed onto beautiful 7" vinyl.

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    • £7.99
  31. Cruisin'



    Genres: 80's Soul, Boogie, Disco, Disco-House, Electronica, SoulFormat: 7 inch

    The first release on Potions Music is a split 7" from two different bands, Chicago synth marauders Chandeliers and Songs For Gods. With some of the members sharing ...

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    • £9.99
  32. Time Signals

    Time Signals

    Klaus Weiss

    Genres: Beats, Beats Downtempo, Electronica, Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Library, Oddities, Psychedelia, Soul Jazz, Soundtrack, WeirdFormat: LP

    It was way back in the mid 1990s when fellow record collector and library music head Gareth Godard (AKA Cherrystones) first played me Selected Sound library LP 67, ...

  33. Baile Bucanero

    Baile Bucanero


    Genres: Afro, Jazz, Latin, Tropical, WorldFormat: 2 x LP

    Back in 2012, Will "Quantic" Holland joined forces with Colombian musician Mario Galeano to form Ondatropica. The eponymous debut album that followed was quietly im...

  34. Punkero Sonidero

    Punkero Sonidero


    Genres: Afro, Exotica, Latin, Tropical, WorldFormat: 7 inch

    The first single from Frente Cumbeiro’s Mario Galeano and Will ‘Quantic’ Holland’s new all-star Colombian band Ondatrópica gets serve...

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  35. Cartagena! Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia and Descarga Sound Of Colombia 1962 - 72

    Cartagena! Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia and Descarga Sound Of Colombia 1962 - 72

    Various Artists

    Genres: Afro, Exotica, Latin, Latin Jazz, Latin Soul, Tropical, WorldFormat: 2 x LP

    Soundway set sail for the Colombian coastal town of Cartagena for their first selection of 2011. Sourced from a period when musicians effortlessly combined the swin...

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    • £16.99
  36. Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu

    Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu

    Various Artists

    Genres: Electronica, Exotica, Funk Rock, Oddities, Psychedelia, Soul Jazz, WorldFormat: LP

    Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu is a new, stimulating and refreshing compilation of psychedelic sounds from Turkey, offering a new perspective, fresh names and undsiscov...

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    • £18.99