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  1. Numbers Blues / Cannonball

    Numbers Blues / Cannonball

    Doctor Ross

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump BluesFormat: 7 inch

    Hermonica and Guitar Blues from an unsung Mississipi legend

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    • £6.99
  2. Baby is a Boxer / Somethings Wrong

    Baby is a Boxer / Somethings Wrong

    Junior Tamplin / Woo Woo Moore

    Genres: Blues, Jukebox RnB, Jump BluesFormat: 7 inch

    Some rockin' jump blues reissues.

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    • £6.99
  3. Lucky Lou / You May

    Lucky Lou / You May

    Jody William

    Genres: Jukebox RnBFormat: 7 inch

    If you like your blues and R&B, check this little gem out.

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    • £6.99
  4. Hole in the Ground / Ooh You Bring Out the Wolf in Me

    Hole in the Ground / Ooh You Bring Out the Wolf in Me

    Freddie Kohlman Orch / Piney Brown

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump BluesFormat: 7 inch

    Jump Blues reissue!

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    • £6.99
  5. Drank Up All the Wine Last Night

    Drank Up All the Wine Last Night

    Stick McGhee

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump BluesFormat: 7 inch

    Get your banging  R&B 7's while you can.

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    • £6.99
  6. Deep Shadows

    Deep Shadows

    Little Ann

    Genres: Funk, Jukebox RnB, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: LP

    Super rare Detroit soul released from the vaults of legendary producer Dave Hamilton. Get this - VINYL ONLY release AND limited edition! Take note that this album o...

    • £14.99
  7. The Hustler

    The Hustler

    Willie Colon

    Genres: LatinFormat: LP

    Brilliant early work from a young Willie Colon – a true hustler if there ever was one!

    • £9.99
  8. The Story Of Jimmy Preacher Ellis 1963-1972

    The Story Of Jimmy Preacher Ellis 1963-1972

    Jimmy Preacher Ellis

    Genres: FunkFormat: LP

    This is a deluxe double-gatefold vinyl LP that is limited to 500 copies and has been properly mastered for the best listening pleasure possible! Recommended!

    • £16.99
  9. The Modern Sound Of Nicola Conte (Versions In Jazz-Dub) EP 1

    The Modern Sound Of Nicola Conte (Versions In Jazz-Dub) EP 1

    Nicola Conte

    Genres: Electronica, Jazz, Latin JazzFormat: 10 inch

    From Italy to Brazil, Latin America, the USA, Japan and back to Scandinavia and Germany, “The Modern Sound Of Nicola Conte” takes us on a journey into t...

    • £9.99
  10. You Got A Tiger

    You Got A Tiger

    Brothers Nylon

    Genres: Funk, InstrumentalFormat: 7 inch

    The Brothers Nylon is a transatlantic allstar project set out to make musical adventures. Mike and Nick Rufolo (from NY) collaborate with legendary producer Shawn L...

    • £7.49
  11. Spider Web / Simmerin

    Spider Web / Simmerin

    Weston Prim & Backlash

    Genres: Funk, Funky Jazz, Instrumental, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    In north Florida in the early '70s, two of the most enduring show bands were Weston Prim and Blacklash and Lavell Kamma's mighty 100 Hour Counts outfit. Constantly ...

    • £5.99
  12. Plays Superfly

    Plays Superfly

    Young Holt Unlimited

    Genres: Funk, Jazz, Jazz FunkFormat: LP

    Fantastic! Young and Holt lay down a monster set of grooves from Curtis Mayfield's Superfly soundtrack.

    • £14.99
  13. Chicken Grabber / Chicken Rock

    Chicken Grabber / Chicken Rock

    Night Hawks / Scott Woods

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, TittyshakersFormat: 7 inch

    Something of a poultry offering here as we ransack the coop to pull out these two Chicken-based oddities.

    • £5.99
  14. Cubano Jump / Loosely

    Cubano Jump / Loosely

    Ike Turner

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump BluesFormat: 7 inch

    The A-side is a typically bullish rock’n’roll instrumental from Turner that can also be found under the title Hey Miss Tina. The stinging guitar riff brings to mind...

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    • £6.99
  15. Jukebox Jam Vol. 2

    Jukebox Jam Vol. 2

    Various Artists

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump BluesFormat: CD

    We are proud to unleash the second volume of Jukebox Jam, another collection of 23 obscure masterpieces from mid-century America. Comes with a 16 page colour CD boo...

    • £6.99
  16. Farther than Imagination

    Farther than Imagination


    Genres: Boogie, Disco, Funk, Soul FunkFormat: LP


    Freedom's debut album contains hot dance tracks and smoldering ballads.

    • £10.99
  17. Struttin'


    The Meters

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, FunkFormat: LP

    The Meters chicken strut their stuff with the highly infectious 'Hand Clapping Song' and more!

    • £14.99
  18. This Side Of Heaven

    This Side Of Heaven

    Gavin Christopher

    Genres: Modern Soul, SoulFormat: 7 inch

    Here is the new-to-7 inch pressing of Gavin Christopher’s (brother of House music maverick Shawn Christopher) compelling dancer “This Side Of Heaven&rdq...

    • £7.99
  19. Hi Note

    Hi Note

    Gerardo Frisina

    Genres: Jazz, Latin, Latin JazzFormat: LP

    Hi Note contains eleven new compositions plus the cover of Harrington’s “Beyond The Moon”. The album represents an evolution of the personal Latin...

    • £16.99
  20. Black Dialogue

    Black Dialogue

    Jimmy Mawi

    Genres: Afro, Afro Rock, FunkFormat: 10 inch

    Continuing further into the music of 1970s East Africa, Soundway present a limited edition 10" of raw, bluesy garage-funk-rock from Jimmy Mawi.

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    • £10.99
  21. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

    Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

    Big Maybelle

    Genres: Jukebox RnBFormat: 7 inch

    Forget Jerry Lee Lewis, this is the original R&B version of all time classic rhythm & blues anthem "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On", with Big Maybelle at her ...

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    • £6.99
  22. Interpretation - Soul Power No.1

    Interpretation - Soul Power No.1

    Soul Impossibles

    Genres: Funk, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    Heavy Deep Funk from South Carolina with p/s!

    • £5.99
  23. Subway Joe

    Subway Joe

    Joe Bataan

    Genres: LatinFormat: LP

    One of our favourite Latin soul albums ever – a rollicking mix of upbeat party tracks, gentle ballads, and more – all handled with the undeniable magic ...

    • £15.99
  24. I Done Done It / Greyhound

    I Done Done It / Greyhound

    Amos Milburn

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump BluesFormat: 7 inch

    2 killer Jump work-outs from one of the leading voices in the transgression from R&B to Rock and Roll.

    • £5.99
  25. The Joy / Smoothie Pie

    The Joy / Smoothie Pie

    DeRoberts And The Half Truths / Sky Hi

    Genres: Modern Soul, Northern Soul, Soul, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    Packing Modern Soul floors across the nation and crossing over to the Northern Soul venues

    • £7.99
  26. Coffy


    Roy Ayers

    Genres: Funk, Jazz Funk, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz, SoundtrackFormat: LP

    This is one of the greatest soul soundtracks ever! In a market that was dominated by the big-selling Shaft and Superfly albums, Roy slipped in this masterful blend ...

    • £17.49
  27. Bongo Rock

    Bongo Rock

    Incredible Bongo Band

    Genres: Bboy Breaks, Beats, Beats Dancefloor, Funk, Funk Rock, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Rare Grooves, Soul Funk, Soul JazzFormat: 7 inch

    Stone cold, all time classic break from the Incredible Bongo Band on 7" vinyl ...

    • £7.99
  28. They Call Me Big Mama

    They Call Me Big Mama

    Willie Mae \'Big Mama\' Thornton

    Genres: Blues, Jukebox RnB, Jump BluesFormat: 7 inch

    Hard to sit still when this is on; dig that shufflin' beat!
    • £6.99
  29. Asafo Beesuon Medley

    Asafo Beesuon Medley

    C.K Mann & His Carousel 7

    Genres: Afro, Beats Dancefloor, Funk, Re-edits and Reworks, WorldFormat: 7 inch

    Limited 1000 run 7" and part of our Classic African Recordings series. When they are gone they are gone! The Gruff & Grey Edit slims the 14 minute Asafo Beesuon...

    • £7.49
  30. Lady Heavy Bottom's Waltz

    Lady Heavy Bottom's Waltz

    Johnny Griffin

    Genres: JazzFormat: LP

    Recorded for Vogue in 1968, the day before Latin Kaleidoscope, with Kenny Clarke and Francy Boland taking sideman duties, alongside Sahib Shihab and co, eleven in a...

    • £16.99
  31. Lesson Of Love

    Lesson Of Love

    Willie West & The High Society Brothers

    Genres: Soul, Soul FunkFormat: 7 inch

    Mid tempo soul from Finland's finest featuring the unique voice of Willie West, who sings a haunting ballad from the darker side of the soul. This is Willie's...

    • £5.99
  32. You Never Change

    You Never Change


    Genres: Bboy Breaks, Beats, FunkFormat: 7 inch

    Para is welcomed into the Breakin Bread label fold as another purveyor of quality, breakbeat tinged, funky as hell, dancefloor music.

    • £5.00
  33. Teacher Gimme Back

    Teacher Gimme Back

    Young Jessie

    Genres: Blues, Jukebox RnB, Jump BluesFormat: 7 inch

    Nonsense lyrics, stabbing organ and a plea to have back his bubblegum.
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    • £6.99
  34. It's Happening Baby

    It's Happening Baby

    Paula Grimes

    Genres: Jukebox RnB, Jump BluesFormat: 7 inch

    Female R&B banger with moody ‘popcorn’ flip.

    • £6.99
  35. Chapter One

    Chapter One


    Genres: Afro, Afro Rock, Funk, Funk Rock, WorldFormat: LP

    Superb Afro-rock-funk LP that's become a cult classic!
    • £19.99
  36. Funkshone 2

    Funkshone 2


    Genres: Soul FunkFormat: LP

    Superb funk n' beats n' funky soul album that comes thoroughly recommended! Loads of tough beats and vocals to die for! Killer!
    • £10.99