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Moussa Doumbia

  • Label: Mr Bongo
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Genres: Afro, Afro Funk, Funk, Soul Funk, Tropical, World
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Catalogue number: AFR002

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Keleya is a organ lead, afro-funk bomb with Moussa in full James Brown effect. Taken from the LP of the same title, originally released in 1977 on Pathe, and on 7” by Ivory Coast label SID in 1974. Suffice to say, they are expensive and rare.

Released on 7” in 1974, but very hard to find, and expensive too!

Amadou Balake's "Super Bar Konon Mousso" is a razor sharp, percussion heavy, guitar lead afro-latin funk banger.

Taken from the LP of the same name, released by the legendary Sacodisc label run by Lassisi (from Ivory Coast). Sacodisc were the a groundbreaking label experimenting in Afro-Latin crossovers - Balake travelled to the USA in the 1970’s to record with salsa musicians - recording and releasing albums with the likes of Monguito, Labi Sosseh, the great Amadou and Sweet Talks from Ghana.




Moussa Doumbia - Keleya b/w Amadou Balake - Super Bar Konon Mousso