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Have a Drink with the Great Revivers

Great Revivers

  • Label: Funk Night Records
  • Origin: United States
  • Genres: Funk, Instrumental, Jazz Funk, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz
  • Format: LP
  • Catalogue number: 054

Availability: In stock


Serious heavy funk alert! No duff tracks on this one, recorded in Russia and only 500 pressed... private issue funk LP that will soon be a long-lost classic! Do not sleep!

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Have a Drink with the Great Revivers



  1. At The Dipsotheque
  2. Hard Way To Go
  3. Rural Moonshine
  4. Drunken Master
  5. Dead Dipping
  6. Midnight Run To The Liquor Store
  7. Spy Potion
  8. Reaction Psychotique
  9. Dandelion Wine
  10. Bottoms Up!
  11. The Return Of Green Snake
  12. Don't Mess With GR
  13. Morning After
  14. Sand & Breeze
  15. Rhino's Walk