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Funky Chimes: Belgian Grooves From The 70s Part 1

Various Artists

  • Label: Sdban
  • Origin: Europe
  • Genres: Funk, Funky Jazz, Jazz Funk, Library, Mod, Rare Grooves, Soul Funk, Soul Jazz
  • Format: 2 x LP
  • Catalogue number: SDBANLP08

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Killer two-hour collection of excellent and unique funk n' jazz grooves with 27 of the most interesting yet long forgotten Belgian dance tracks from the seventies, when a generation of extremely gifted and versatile musicians experimented with funk, jazz, latin and other 'in' sounds.
'Funky Chimes' is in many ways the logical follow up to 2014's highly acclaimed compilation 'Funky Chicken'. Uncovering a blind spot in Belgium's musical heritage and unearthing a diverse collection of hidden treasures. 'Funky Chicken' has induced a renewed interest in Belgium's rare grooves from the seventies, which until then had never been regarded a genre worth mentioning. Having said that, this second instalment is much more than just a fast sequel or a batch of leftovers. The music's quality matches that of its predecessor, but the treasure hunt was even more adventurous, and the stories behind some of the nuggets even more gripping.

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Funky Chimes: Belgian Grooves From The 70s Part 1



Side 1
1.    The Soul Scratchers - "Scratch My Back" (part 1 & 2) (5:06)
2.    Francis Coppieters - "Funky Chimes" (3:12)
3.    SSO - "Faded Lady" (instrumental) (2:26)
4.    The Flying Guitar - "Barabajagal" (2:44)
Side 2
1.    The Sumos - "My Chinese Girl Likes Kung Fu Fighting" (2:46)
2.    Bud Hunga & His Diplomatic Music - "Travelling On Rhythms" (2:54)
3.    Experience - "Pink Movement" (2:44)
4.    The Peter Laine Orchestra - "Tiger Walk" (3:59)
Side 3
1.    Kandahar - "The Fancy Model" (5:38)
2.    Kiosk - "Mona Call" (2:18)
3.    Guido Carnagy - "Free Way Exit" (2:29)
4.    Andre Brasseur - "X" (3:56)
Side 4
1.    Electronic System III - "Skylab" (14:14)